The see-saw

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Images recorded during a trip in Mexico (Real de Catorce / Huasteca Secreta)
dance-text-voice: Paolo Cingolani
camera-photography: A.Elizabeth Martinez
editing-postproduction: Paolo Cingolani
music C.C. “Precisamos de um plano” – La pluie de l’être, Rui
places on video: landscapes around Real de Catorce and Huasteca Secreta, San Luis Potosí

2017©Paolo Cingolani


An idea ….

just swinging,
begins to lose that apparent stability.

Surprised by the streaming of events,
the concepts, are filled with perception and weight,
and as ripe fruits from the tree of consciousness,
they fall to the ground and rot.

She, the perception of the timeless instant,
pure flow of experience in transformation,
dancing and actively participating,
in the dissolution of ideas,
into the intuition of the present.

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