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Short dance film

Free or not free, we are infinitely creative at every moment,
despite the illusion of repetition.

Project details

Film & Editing: Paolo Cingolani

Concept & Writers Claudia Pelliccia
Paolo Cingolani

Production: Radio Babel

Cast: Claudia Pelliccia
Paolo Cingolani

Camera: Claudia Pelliccia
Paolo Cingolani

Post-production: Alba Elizabeth Martinez Vargas

Music CC: Parvus Decree, "Lida"

Location: Rome

Released on: Luglio, 2020

copyright©Radio Babel

Human creativity is the result of an imaginative process in continuous transformation. This ability to imagine is the basis of this choreographic work. The methodology adopted is based on stimulating a creative thought that uses the body memory

The methodology adopted is based on stimulating creative thinking that uses body memory to lead the dancer to make continuously updated, flexible and kinaesthetic temporal and spatial choices.