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Travelling dance

Everything started from the horse with the severed ear.

Project details

direction-editing: Paolo Cingolani

dance: Paolo Cingolani

music-poetry-voice: Paolo Cingolani

Location: Real de Catorce - MEXICO
Morro d'Alba - ITALY

Filmed on: 2022

Released on: May, 2022

Everything started from the horse with the severed ear.

Dung masks at the origin of clouds....
...following intuitions takes work.

With a gaze to the sky comes vertigo.
Calm on the horizon the gaze then returns and the vertigo ... vanishes.
The mind needs references to face the sunsets.
All around here only an embrace of dust and desert.

Stones that become glass, transparent.
Shapes that become faces.
Here are the last moments of the sun.

Trees with mouths that eat light.
Open and close, open and close the mouth.
Everywhere elongated faces appear
like snakes hanging..... waiting.

All this is what it is because I am what I am.

Clouds dress and strip the sun, insistent.
When tropical fish dart colourfully through the shrubs,
there you find the loss of perspective and distance.

Among clouds of dust I find myself again in the hot desert of rabbits and pigs.