The Other Demon
Video recorded on July 2018 Teatro Vittorio Alfieri, Montemarciano - Italy Dance / Voice: Paolo Cingolani Camaraman / Photography: Edoardo
The eating trees
Images recorded during a trip in Cambodia dance-poetry-editing: Paolo Cingolani photography-camera: A.Elizabeth Martinez, Paolo Cingolani C.C. music: “Cambodean Odessy” -
After Zenith
concept and direction: Paolo Cingolani dance and choreography: Paolo Cingolani original music: Daniel Molina Fernandez camera and photography: Gianni Ferrara
The see-saw
Images recorded during a trip in Mexico (Real de Catorce / Huasteca Secreta) dance-text-voice: Paolo Cingolani camera-photography: A.Elizabeth Martinez editing-postproduction:
Deep Leap
Images recorded during a trip in Indonesia and Australia dance, camera, editing, post-production: Paolo Cingolani music Common Creative: OSCIFY -
Khezr – il transtorico
Footage recorded during an artistic residence in Bilbao dance, camera, editing: Paolo Cingolani music Common Creative: BLUE DOT SESSIONS, Farsical, “Then a
Footage recorded during a journey in Brussels dance, concept, editing: Paolo Cingolani photography and camera: Agostina D'Alessandro, Billie Hanne, Paolo
Footage recorded during a journey in Brussels dance, camera, editing: Paolo Cingolani C.C. Music: Oscify - "Study" 2013©Paolo Cingolani ORIGAMI 'Origami' is
dance, concept and director: Paolo Cingolani cameras and photography: Gerardo Cingolani, Rosanna Cesaretti video editing: Paolo Cingolani post-production: Paolo Cingolani,
dance and concept: Paolo Cingolani director: Ines Scumace editing: Alfredo Melidoro, Ines Scumace post-production: Alfredo Melidoro soundtrack: Oscar de la
Paolo Cingolani 2017 © all rights reserved