the onion

by on January 15, 2015 in all dance, thoughts and poetry
At one level the bones,
at another one the infinite alignments.
Over the nose the Third Eye,
but for much effort you put in the practice,
never they will touch together.
The onion clarifies many things,
for this is used in countless recipes.
Cut by knife of reason explains the sections of the various levels,
but only when you open it by your hands, layer by layer, you can realize how it is unique and different each.
The onion is made up of many layers,
yet it is only ONE.
There are many shapes and colors of onions,
but if you cuts
all make you bring tears to my eyes.
Of all vegetables
the onion is the one that best represents the actual human reality.

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  1. billie hanne says:

    Oh onions of the widest sea,
    oh mortal souls in bliss,
    bring us tears and heaven calls,
    invite us for a kiss.

    Oh rim of gold, can you withstand
    the beckoning snowy glitter,
    or do you turn and through the winter
    do you sleep beyond the cold
    that bites in what is bitter.

    (16/01/2015 from b)

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