The fish in the cage

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extract from the performance

‘The Fish in the Cage’


dance / text: Anna Apergi, Paolo Cingolani, Erifyli Dafermou, Eleni Pantazatou
music: Stephanos Chytiris
video editing: Paolo Cingolani


Do you really want to trap me?
Moving in my natural environment I let movements , feelings and stories to be revealed.
I navigate through time and space to meet you and finally, here, do you really want to catch me? Do you think it could be possible?
Don’t worry, I’ll do it for you. But you deeply know that here, where the air is the air and the ground is the ground, medium cannot mix, grey scale doesn’t exist.
I navigate through spontaneity and control to meet you, and finally, together, we can enjoy the clarity of our dreams.



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