Koan – studio work

Cristiana Fraticelli (music / sound)
and Paolo Cingolani (dance / voice)

In Chan Buddhism (Zen), a koan is a brief paradoxical affirmation or question, often used as a meditative discipline. A koan can be a story, a dialogue, a question or a statement that generally contains aspects that are inaccessible to rational understanding, but that can only be accessible to intuitive understanding.

Koan, the performance, is entirely constructed with the language of improvisation and instant composition, dosing elements of spontaneity and inhibition, emptiness and fullness, pause and movement, meaning and signifier.

Koan is a show to live the experience of the non-verbal world through the language of dance and music in a combination of relationships, poetry and intuitions of the moment.

June 2018
Senigallia (IT)

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