Performing: Space / Eye candy session 1

DATE: 1 October, 2018
EVENT: 6 days co-teaching workshop
LOCATION: Wiesenburg Halle, Berlin - GERMANY
TIME: 14:00 - 18:00

1 to 6 of October 2018

6 days co-teaching workshop – performing: space / Eye candy session 1

Wiesenburg Halle


Co-teaching workshop

PERFORMING: SPACE / Eye candy session 1

This six-day workshop is a research providing the participants with practical tools to make best use of the multimedia infrastructure of dance- and movement theatre, both conceptually and in realisation of a piece.

Two days are dedicated to explore the architectural, sonic and emotional aspects of the performing space through creative movement tasks and their use analysed from these specific viewpoints, facilitated by a musician and a light designer.
Following that two days will be given to experience the same spaces from the perspective of the movement. This concept includes space as: – the physical and material place filled by the mass of air – space as the possibility of movement of the joints within the body – space as the origin of the theatre. This work is hosted by a dancer and a light designer.
Finally, the last two days incorporates the two different directions of analysis, guided by all the three hosts. Through specific exercises, the work will stimulate the creation of immediate and intuitive dances, in order to enrich our knowledge and experience of space as an essential substrate for the creation of compositions and poems of movement.
The 6-days module is closing with an informal viewing, where participants can imply their fresh views on and practice in the space as a performative practice.

14:00-18:00 hr
Performing: Space is led by:
Emese Csornai (light designer, visual artist) /
Gabor Csorngradi (musician, composer) /
Paolo Cingolani (choreographer, dancer) /

1-2 Oct with Emese Csornai + Gabor Csorngradi
3-4 Oct with Emese Csornai + Paolo Cingolani
5-6 Oct with Emese Csornai + Gabor Csorngradi + Paolo Cingolani
6 Oct informal viewing at 19:30

1-2 or 3-4. October (2 days): 95 € / 90 € early bird
1-2 and 5-6 or 3-4 and 5-6 October (4 days): 185 € / 170 early birds
Full week 1-6th October (6 Days) : 240 € / 220 € early birds

Early bird offer closes on the 15th of August 2018


Wiesenburg Halle
Wiesenstrasse 55.
13357 Wedding BERLIN


photo by Patrick Beelaert

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