Instant composition and improvisation – spontaneity and creation

DATE: 4 May, 2019
EVENT: 2 days workshop
LOCATION: Distillerie De Giorgi - LECCE, Italy
TIME: 6 hours each day

4-5 of May 2019

2 days workshop – INSTANT COMPOSITION AND IMPROVISATION – spontaneity and creation

Distillerie De Giorgi


Intensive workshop

The work proposed during the workshop is focused on the practice of improvisation as an immediate form to create art and performances. This clear intention makes the method of study of movement direct and pragmatic and, at the same time, makes it open and sensitive to the research of own personal poetic. The construction of choreographies, as well as their interpretation, takes place in the continuous flow of the present moment. Choreographer and performer coexist, alternate and overlap in the creation of movements and dance phrases in the immediacy of the instant.

The aim of the workshop will be to improve the techniques of improvisation for a pragmatic and poetic approach to the spontaneity of movement. The proposed material includes a clear focus on the body’s anatomy as well a deep observation of the cognitive and emotional processes behind any movement: from the perception of body‘s weight and its parts, to the aware choices that the performer must take in the immediacy of the present moment. Through an active use of imagination and intuition, the participants will deepen the use of Time and Space, of listening and trust to create phrases and instant choreographies. Spontaneity and creativity, thinking and sensing body are some of the topics touched during the workshop. The classes are open to dancers, actors, musicians and anyone who wants to use the body to create dances and motion’s poetries in the flow of present time.


4 hours a day

Distillerie De Giorgi
via ferrovia 73
73016 – San Cesario di Lecce

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