Instant composition

DATE: 25 November, 2017
EVENT: 2 days workshop
TIME: 10:00-14:00

25 / 26 November 2017

2 days workshop


This workshop offers an opportunity to improve the personal skills and techniques in instant composition. The proposed material includes a specific job on the anatomy as a deep observation of the cognitive processes behind the movement: from the perception of body in motion to the choices that the dancer must take in the immediacy of the present moment. Through an active use of imagination and intuition, the participant will learns how to use body, time and space to create compositions and motion poetries. Spontaneity and creativity, thinking and sensing body are some of the topics around which the workshop is designed. The classes are open to dancer, actors, musician and anyone who want to use body to play movements and dance in the “real time”.

Saturday 25.11
Sunday 26.11
Orpheus 76,
11855 – ATHENS
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photos by Patrick Beelaert
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