DATE: 13 June, 2019
EVENT: 2 night performances
LOCATION: Heidesand Festival, LUSTENAU, Austria
TIME: - details soon -

13 / 14 of June 2019


Heidesand Festival, LUSTENAU

– details soon –


concept, dance & voice:
Paolo Cingolani (I)
Bettina Neuhaus (NL)
Ursula Sabatin (A)
Creatura, a production of TanzuferInternational

The performance ‘creatura’ questions the multi-facetted and transformative nature of human beings propelled not only by our individuality and social interrelationships but also by our instinct and animalistic roots. Furthermore it is our inherent creativity that inspires our actions and our way of being in the world. The piece builds on the interplay of scenic images, choreographic configurations and pure dancing, switching between quiet atmospheric images and very dynamic movement. The wide spectrum of physicality and a certain immediacy in the action and changes of quality create contrasts that are both subtle and vigorous. Spoken words that project texture and meaning into the space provide an additional dramaturgical layer within the performance. Words function in the larger context as connecting elements that contrast, underline and amplify the dance and enrich images and scenes.

Heidesand Festival

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