Contacts Meets Contemporary Festival

DATE: 30 July, 2018
TIME: 10:00-12:30

30 July / 05 August 2018

4 days intensive workshop – The sense of time in improvisation

inside the “Contact Meets Contemporary Festival”


‘contact meets contemporary’ wants to inform, support and inspire Contact Improvisation by the knowledge of other contemporary dance forms. We’d like to see contemporary movements being danced in jams and a wider scale of improvisation opening the contact practice. In a mind- and heartful spirit the festival balances well developed material in classes with various frames for researching, questioning, trying and failing. For this years festival we want to put an extra focus on the improvisational part of the form.

Intensives are with:
Nina Wehnert – The Mystery of Potential // Body-Mind Centering® into Dancing
Anya Cloud – The Disorientation/Orientation of Softening into the Space
Paolo Cingolani – The Sense of Time in Improvisation

Intensive morning workshop with Paolo Cingolani
The sense of time in improvisation
The sense of time in improvisation will be the main topic of the workshop. How we perceive the time? And how we can use this perception in our dances? the workshop we will give tools to improve the use of time within an action. – From the single instant to the passage through time, making dance phrases, living the present moment, playing with the streaming of actions – will be some of the issues touched during the workshop. The material proposed in the classes includes exercises from instant composition work, contemporary dance, Contact Improvisation and Taj-ji Qi Gong. The workshop is focused to dancers and movement’s makers interested in the the improvisation as a special tool for creating art and performances.


Other details coming soon!!!!!

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