burst! – Allen’s Line Company

DATE: 4 July, 2019
EVENT: 3 night performances
LOCATION: ROME (details coming soon), Italy
TIME: 9:00 pm

 04 / 05 / 06 of July 2019



details coming soon


Julyen Hamilton
Dance / text / performers / makers:
Paolo Cingolani
Claudia Pelliccia
Maya M. Carroll
Barbara Peyrera
Julyen Hamilton
Decor / lights / costume:
Julyen Hamilton

our template is full

we are in danger of having nothing

we are hunters who have found too much
and yet have the feeling of not having enough

are you out there?
are you one of us?
are you hungry too?
full yet hungry?
hungry enough?

bring on the music
bring on the bells while there’s still some left
whistle up a hymn to the future
start making the road around the bend!


– details coming soon –

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