Babilonia – URBAN Performance Series #1

DATE: 31 March, 2019
EVENT: performance
LOCATION: Urbanraum, BERLIN, Germany
TIME: 16:00 - 19:00

31 of March 2019


Urbanraum, BERLIN



dance & voice:
Paolo Cingolani (I)

Babilonia is a dance piece made of movements and voice. Using the human grammar as the natural score, the performance is sculptured by the body, sounds and text in unpredictable characters. Different scenes and dynamics alternate each other in the flow of the present moment, instantly. Babilonia is the emblema of our times, a cultural orchestra in continuous negotiation and transformation, the expression of the personal identity in the flow of our complex society.

Curated by Jenny Ocampo in collaboration with URBANRAUM

Performances by
Lea Barletti, Maria Ferrara, Paolo Cingolani, Jenny Ocampo, Rossella Canciello & Susanna Grob, Joris Camelin

Sunday, 31th March,16.00-19:00

URBAN PERFORMANCE SERIES is a new performance format at URBANRAUM starting in March 2019. This new program is a collaboration between dancer and choreographer Jenny Ocampo and URBANRAUM.
Every 2-3 months on Sunday afternoons, Berlin based artists will present several short performances (about 20 minutes each). The performances will be staged with minimal technical support, to allow the audience to fully experience their simplicity and rawness.
Each event will focus on and explore a socially relevant topic. The goal is for improvisation to become the medium and method to actively reflect on these topics. URBAN PERFORMANCE SERIES hopes to foster an exchange of impulses and new perspectives between artists and audience by creating a dialogue about the artistic process of improvisation.

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URBANRAUM is a space for contemporary dance, movement and improvisation. Managed by Friederike Erhart since 2015, it hosts a variety of classes, workshops and performances.

Urbanstr. 93, 1.HH,
10967 Berlin, Germany

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