oltre il campo
"oltre il campo" is a perfomance of roots and earth. A show that touches the aspect of rural culture in a poetic and surrealist form ...
22 January, 2018
waiting for Icarus
"Waiting for Icarus" is a piece which faces the nature of irreversibility. The boundaries between our dreams and reality no longer exist. Once we dare to step into the land of desire there's no way back...
17 October, 2017
Mud like gold
In ‘MUD LIKE GOLD’ the poetic stream of dance and text comes up like a knife into the earth of the piece. It protrudes through the earth and concrete of our experiences and imagination, our fears and observations. And at the moment of clarity, as the material transforms, we are there…the witness and the guilty, the accused and the accusing, observing and implied.
18 June, 2017
track 01
Track 01
April 9, 2017 - Orpheus 76, ATHENS (G). Paolo Cingolani (dance), Giorgos Amentas (sound / music), Camilo Bentacor (lights)
18 June, 2017
Time less we
April 12, 2017 - Kinitiras, ATHENS (G). A performance by Paolo Cingolani e Lalun Group (dance), Stavros Parginos (cello), Timos Zechas (lights)
18 June, 2017
March 23, 2017 - Atelier Capelli, BLUDENZ (A). Three people, each starting in their own distinct world. Delving into unknown areas of the self. Delving into unknown areas of the self. Turning inside to outside. Meeting ‘the other’ in oneself. Three different threads of stories crossing, overlapping and challenging each other
7 May, 2017
The smallest weird moment
December 14, 2016 - Overtoom 301, AMSTERDAM (NL) | Looking East, a fracture could be noticed in the landscape. Tiny little gap in the map of the world. Observing its rolls and slides, the mind gets attracted to it…and one hour has passed since my last breath.
25 January, 2017
Bricks tongue river
November 11, 2016 - Galleria Kolmas Kerros, HELSINKI (F). BRICKS TONGUE RIVER it's a piece which plays with the idea of complete and unfinished in each moment of time. Movement as a solid element. Word as a flow of metaphors. River as a streaming time  which is never the same. Movements, sounds, words are shaping strong yet very subtle world for two artists to coexist with each other.
19 December, 2016
March 12/13 2016 - Berlin / July 11/12 - Lustenau A performance designed by 7 artists who work together in the fields of dance and music. The performance generates...
21 September, 2016
Tide, Visible
we met when we were children | our grandparents built the boat | they spoke in foreign languages...
4 August, 2016
The voluntary synesthesia
I dedicate this article to a phenomenon defined in neuroscience as synesthesia. I have always had a particular interest in the relationship between...
19 April, 2016
The Mystery of the Bright Mirror
‘The Mystery of the Bright Mirror’ is a solo of dance and theatre,
a performance of forms and immediacy...
18 April, 2016
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