Paolo Cingolani is a dancer specialized in improvisation and instant composition. His way to compose movements and voice defines a clear poetic and about space, time and actor.

To acquire the skills of his own personal dance style, he has gone through different approaches to movement and theatre. His formation includes years of training in contemporary dance, choreography, contact-improvisation, physical theatre and improvisation.

As performer, his interest is direct to solo and group compositions, relation with live-music and visual art, use of the text and voice on stage. Extremely active in the world of indipendet art, he continuously creates projects with other dancers and musicians to design performances around Europe. In this freelance context, he participated in performance in Netherland, Finland, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Greece. Since 2012 he’s part of Allen’s Line Company of the director Julyen Hamilton. Allen’s Line presented its pieces in various theaters and festivals di improvvisazione.

As teacher, he developed a personal technique of body resulting from the integration of Tai-Ji and Qi Gong with different techniques of dance. His work is characterized by a specific training on intuition and immediacy as tools to create dance and text in performance. He’s dance material includes various practices to improvise, use of physical contact, study of anatomy, use of imagination and the mind to compose movements in “real time”.

For several years, he has also dedicated himself to make video in order to archive his dances, study movement through another medium, continue to create art through short dance films and video clips.


He is a practicing and teacher of Tai-ji Quan and Taoist Qi Gong.
From 2003 he‘s member of the “Associazione Culturale Amici del Tai-Ji Quan” (Rome) of the Master Dao-Gong Wu, from which he studied and learnt these ancient disciplines.


He was graduated in Sociology and Cultural Anthropology at the University “La Sapienza” of Rome, 2004.


– phylosophy
– Oriental religions
– neuroscience

trust in intuition during the action:
as you take care of trust,
intuition will take care of your actions.

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