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my work is based on movements

movement as essence of human body,
movement as tool to play dance




The Expanding Axis

'the expanding axis' - a performance by: Anna Heuer Hansen, Anna Fontanet, Claudia Pelliccia, Manel Salas Palau, Paolo Cingolani - September 13, 2018 - Barcelona

12 March, 2019
Common Ground Series

'common ground series' - a performance by: Paolo Cingolani - dance/voice; Alex Zampini - music/voice; November 4, 2018 - Tanzfabrik - BERLIN

27 December, 2018
the Light and the River

'the Light and the River' - a performance by: Paolo Cingolani - dance/text; Gabor Csongradi - music; Emese Csornai - lights designer; October 6, 2018 Wiesenburg Halle - BERLIN

25 December, 2018
The Fish in the Cage

'ΨΑΡΙ ΣΤΟ ΚΛΟΥΒΙ' (the Fish in the Cage) - Excerpt from the performance in the Duncan Center in Athens on 4th of April 2018. INTERPRETERS: Anna Apergi, Paolo Cingolani, Erifyli Dafermou, Eleni Pantazatou, Claudia Pelliccia MUSIC: Stephanos Chytiris VIDEO-EDITING: Paolo Cingolani

13 August, 2018

TRISKAIDEKAPHOBIA - Friday 13 of April 2018, a performance by: Giorgos Amentas (dance, bass, voice), Paolo Cingolani (dance, voice), Claudia Pelliccia (dance, voice), Angeliki-Dafni Stefanou (dance, voice) in ATHENS.

17 June, 2018

instant composition

sometimes I make a movement
sometimes I’m the movement
and some others
both things at same time.


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