Paolo Cingolani, artist and dance performer
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Tai-ji Qi Gong classes

Studio Thanka
Strada della Bruciata 14/1, Senigallia (AN) - ITALY

Brief History of Qi Gong and Tai-Ji

One of the most effective translations of the Chinese ideogram Qi Gong is ¨work¨ (Gong) on the “subtle energies” (Qi). Qi Gong …


Dance Improvisation

sede Rajas Yoga
via dell'industria - Montemarciano

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian.


The intuition of the present moment

Spazio Seme
Via del Pantano 36, Arezzo

Class with Paolo Cingolani

The intuition of the present moment

Topic of the class will be about the “intuition” in improvisation. Through a clear understanding of the …

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The voluntary synesthesia

(english translation to be revised)

Synesthesia: the simultaneity of perceptions inside the movement


I dedicate this article to a phenomenon defined in neuroscience as synesthesia. I have always had a particular interest in …

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The Mystery of the Bright Mirror

Extract from the solo

“The Mystery of the Bright Mirror”

Dance and choreographies: Paolo Cingolani

Lights: Domenico Cucinotta

Teatro dei Naviganti
Messina – (IT)
13 of December 2015

“The …

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Rose coloured, oh!
Mamma. John.
The laws are hopeless, beckoning, like ladies in winter, warmth and islands with flowers.

Dance and Poetry by Paolo Cingolani and Billie Hanne

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